Conference Agenda

Thursday 25th May 2017 | QEII Centre, London

May 25, 2017
  • 08:00
    Registration, Breakfast and Networking
  • 09:15
    Chair’s Opening Remarks
    Nadira Hussain, Former President and Head of ICT, SOCITM and London Borough of Enfield
  • 09:25
    Opening Address: Making a Success of Digital Government
    Daniel Thornton, Programme Director, Institute for Government
    • Creating transparent, accountable and accessible digital platforms and data
    • Assessing the implementation of ‘digital by default’ user services by 2020 through the Government Digital Transformation Strategy
    • Procuring open source solutions and adhering to open standards for more innovative and future ready government services
  • 09:45
    Doing More with Less in An Uncertain World: Delivering Successful Digital Transformation
    Samantha Walsh, Transformation Expert, PA Consulting Group
    Rob Mettler, Director, Digital , PA Consulting Group
    • Thinking outside-in to position the citizen at the centre of government services
    • Using data to act and focus on evidence not assumptions and to apply your effort and budget where it matters most
    • Creating a digital-first culture that harnesses the power of people across your organisation
    • Shifting your delivery approach, integrating agile and waterfall approaches to deliver at scale
    • Using modern tooling and automation to improve efficiency and reduce waste
    • Joining up across agencies and departments to improve effectiveness
  • 10:05
    Inventing the Future: Building the Smarter State
    Rob Driver, Head of Public Sector, techUK
    • How in the last decade there has been an increased understanding within Government of the importance of driving digital transformation
    • Digital transformation will be vital to protecting our public services amid rising public sector debt and demands on usage
    • How the Smarter State will place tech at the heart of Government and unlock the next wave of digital transformation in government
  • 10:20
    Questions and Answers
  • 10:30
    Refreshments, Networking and Exhibition
  • 11:15
    Combining Data for Enhanced Resident Management, Business Intelligence and Open Data In Camden
    Shane Green, Programme Manager, London Borough of Camden Council
    Mark Brennan, Project Manager, London Borough of Camden Council
    • Integrating 16 council systems of the London Borough of Camden  using a master data management system (MDM)
    • Maximising information governance and using Camden Council’s own resident data to help contribute to the £93 million funding cuts for the London Borough of Camden
    • Driving transparency across the council with Open Data Camden, hosting multiple API enabled datasets to foster innovation across the Borough
  • 11:35
    Introducing a New Agile Project Management Qualification Designed Specifically for the Public Sector: AgilePM® and Digital Services
    Hugh Ivory, Chief Operating Officer, AgileSphere
    • Based on robust and successful AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner qualifications
    • Designed around familiar GDS lifecycle phases and roles
    • Recognises importance of user research, user experience and usability evolution
    • Easy to integrate with Scrum, Kanban, etc.
  • 11:55
    Digital Health.London – Building the Global Digital Health Capital, Together
    Tara Donnelly, Chief Executive, Health Innovation Network

    London has some of the most digitally engaged citizens on the planet, as well as more tech developers than silicon valley, big health needs and some of the most respected health and academic institutions in the country.

    Digital Health.London is a virtual digital institute that seeks to capitalize on this, and make it simpler for great health tech ideas to help Londoners and the NHS.

    This session will describe the ambition and tell the story so far of Digital Health.London and its Accelerator programme.

  • 12:10
    Questions and Answers
  • 12:25
    Seminar Session One

    Delegates have the opportunity to attend one of a selection of practical seminars, on topics such as:

    • Building robust Agile approaches to public sector digital service delivery
    • Secure, successful and sustainable payment services for an evolving local government landscape
    • Designing digital communications to create impactful communications
    • Identity: The driving force enabling digital transformation (featuring DVSA case study)
    • Why should the devil have all the good music? Learning lessons for successful digital government from the private sector
    • Building brilliant, user-centric government services using shared services with UK Cloud
  • 13:25
    Lunch, Networking and Exhibition
  • 14:25
    Seminar Session Two

    Delegates have the opportunity to attend one of a selection of practical seminars, on topics such as:

    • Delivering efficient central and local government service transformation
    • Enterprise cloud for the public sector
    • Workforce transformation: how to attract, retain and develop
    • Digital disconnect? Bridging the gap between citizens and government
    • Ensuring an efficient, successful digital transformation
  • 15:25
    Refreshments, Networking and Exhibition
  • 15:55
    Afternoon Streamed Sessions
  • 17:00
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception
May 25, 2017
  • 15:55
    Transforming Payment Services Across Local Government
    Councillor Terry Halliwell, Lead for Services Transformation, Wigan Council
    • Presenting initiatives by Wigan Council, Local Government Chronicle’s Digital Council of the Year
    • Delivering a range of activities, including paying bills and reporting environmental problems, to get residents and businesses equipped for the digital era
    • Transforming the way residents pay bills through the innovative digital platforms
    • Offering a seamless online experience to over 40,000 registered users of MyAccount with estimated benefits of £1,064 per year for new users
  • 16:15
    Delivering transformation through Online Services in Universal Credit
    Debbie McMahon, Service Design, Universal Credit Digital Service, Department for Work and Pensions
    • What we have learned from an iterative approach to build and delivery
    • How we are learning about what our users need
    • Understanding why transformation isn't just about the online service
    • Identifying our key challenges as we prepare to scale
  • 16:35
    Questions and Answers
  • 16:45
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception
May 25, 2017
  • 15:55
    Upgrading Council Online Services in the City of Culture
    Emma Warwick, Projects and Business Analysis Manager, Hull City Council
    • Ensuring high level of service to all citizens through transformed communication and advanced telephony infrastructure
    • Encouraging citizen uptake of online services for more efficient local services including council tax, housing benefits, waste management and travel
    • Competently handling increased demand in user services as Hull becomes UK City of Culture 2017
  • 16:10
    Serving a New Generation of Citizens
    Kathleen O’Brien, Global Industry Principal, Public Sector, SAP Hybris
    • Empowering the community through improving responsiveness to the citizen’s voice and societal conditions.
    • Delivering exceptional citizen experiences across all channels.
    • Achieving lower administrative costs through integrated, end-to-end self-service processes.
    • Reducing inefficiencies, impacting citizen’s ability to access services.
  • 16:25
    Determining how intelligent assistance and bots can improve the customer experience
    Martin Hill-Wilson, Founder, Brainfood Consulting
    • When self-service works for both customer and organisation
    • Why self-service is primed to succeed in the age of AI
    • A quick tour of real world uses
    • Design principles that matter
    • Why they reduce costs and increase NPS
  • 16:40
    Increasing User Involvement in Council-Led Decisions in Newcastle
    Shah Amin, Senior Web and Digital Communication Officer, Newcastle City Council
    • Pioneering a 3-month budget simulation service that asks citizens to provide feedback into council spending and gauging the public’s reaction to key proposals
    • Launching the Let’s Talk site with £5,000 funding, challenging citizens to choose how to cut Newcastle City Council’s budget by £30m
    • Using a ‘Sim City’ style narrative to present users with clear consequences to budget cuts in certain areas, increasing engagement and interactivity in council planning for the city
  • 16:55
    Questions and Answers
  • 17:00
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception
May 25, 2017
  • 15:55
    Driving Local Innovation with Digital Projects across the UK
    Councillor Peter Fleming, Deputy Chairman, Local Government Association
    • Funding schemes for 34 councils to transform local services, including Leeds and Calderdale, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and West Sussex
    • Investing £560,000 Local Government Association (LGA) funds to enhance digital projects tackling issues such as troubled families and health and social care integration
    • Presenting Leeds City Council and Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council’s £40,000 initiative as a case study
      • Collaborating with the clinically led team, Ripple, to develop open standards for health and social care as promoted by GDS
      • Constructing a joined-up digital care record platform, using building block architecture allowing for flexibility and customisation for different regions
  • 16:10
    “Power To The People” – How Disruptive Technology Delivers Digital Transformation
    Simon Williams, Director, IEG4
    • We’ll show how Digital Transformation across government / health can act as a catalyst to improve your customer engagement/improve service levels and reduce service delivery costs in as little as a month
    • We’ll show some practical examples to help illustrate how ‘Digital’ changes the dynamics of the interaction between Citizen and State Service Provider and vice versa:
      • How a citizen’s digital interaction with local government services can save costs and improve service levels at the same time
      • How Digital can help local government/health authorities identify their citizens’ support needs more easily and offer alternative services to stave off or avert the consumption of expensive statutory services
      • How an average sized CCG can improve its decision making regarding patients and save ‘millions’ in administration costs by using Digital technology to eliminate paper from the Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process
  • 16:25
    Enhancing Customer Experience through Forward-Thinking Online Services
    Maryvonne Hassall, Computer Services Manager, Aylesbury Vale District Council
    • Further developing the Aylesbury Vale My Account initiative, with over 17,000 registrations from residents and businesses in the district
    • Facilitating real-time customer information and engagement for services including council tax, benefits and taxi-licencing
    • Generating savings of over £4m in 5-years by embracing new digital avenues
    • Integrating council services with new voice-controlled commercial tools, further enhancing customer experience and efficiency of service
  • 16:40
    Effective and Integrated Digital Transformation for Enhanced Healthcare in Dudley
    Mark Stanton, Chief Information Officer, Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
    • Transforming Dudley into a ‘digital trust’, enabling delivery of effective and safer clinical care across the community
    • Investing £32 million over 10 years to implement a full electronic patient record (EPR) for Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
    • Ensuring compliance across the trust with a well-established EPR system including e-prescriptions and a patient portal
    • Utilising a Patient Administration System (PAS) allowing competent integration of clinical and administrative workflow
  • 16:55
    Questions and Answers
  • 17:00
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception

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